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Pablo Schreiber
David Margulies
Katherine Moennig
Joseph Urla
Matthew Rauch

Loren Marsh
 Writer, Producer, Director
Christopher Norr
 Director of Photography
John Zorn
Erin Muldoon Stetson
 Production Designer
Teresa Duncan
 Costume Designer
Jacob Craycroft
Ted Gannon
 Sound Designer
Gary Arnold
 Sound Designer and Mixer

Full Cast and Crew

John Zorn Music

John was a founding member and saxophonist of the group Naked City and composed all of the ensemble's original compositions. In recent years, Zorn has written film scores (including the recent Trembling before G_d), and has composed dozens of works for a remarkable range of instrumentation, from classical chamber ensembles to big bands of 'downtown' New York improvisers.